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About Us

The Ice Academy Sculptures LLP was established in June 2012 by Gareth and Laura Giles.

The Ice Academy was created to provide a facility where anyone could come and experience the unique thrill of ice sculpting.

Laura Giles has over 10 years of sculpting experience and has been a lecturer of sculpture in Further Education in Cardiff for over 5 years. She came 5th in an international ice carving competition in her first year working with ice in January 2006 at St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum and has been developing her skills ever since.

Gareth Giles has over 12 years teaching experience in the arts and manages all the Academy’s administration.

The Ice Academy provides a unique service. There is nothing quite like working inside a freezer at -10 and with their combined experience, Gareth and Laura provide a safe and fun environment for would-be sculptors of all abilities.

On Wednesday 5th June 2013, The Ice Academy made it’s television debut on Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – The Wedding Planner episode. Rhod enjoyed his time sculpting, he really didn’t want to put down his chisels but his schedule was tight and time was short. We think he did very well given the circumstances.

Sculpting an Oscar for his new series of Work Experience

Sculpting an Oscar for his new series of Work Experience


Guess which was Rhod's...

Guess which was Rhod’s…

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All deposits are non refundable. Final payment will not be refunded for cancellations made within 2 weeks prior to the event.